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About Us

Why are we here?

The idea for “Someone is wrong on the internet” was inspired by a comic strip by XKCD back in 2016. Frustrated by all of the unproductive circular debates, skewed data, and logical fallacies, we decided to take the most popular arguments that we see on social media and deconstruct them.

We’ve been casually discussing the idea for this publication for years as a way to counter the rise in misinformation and irresponsible reporting, but we couldn’t quite prioritize it… until now. There’s nothing like the largest civil rights uprising in the United States, a global pandemic stripping people of their lives and livelihoods, and a potential voting crisis on the horizon to push us to finally roll up our sleeves and get to work.

So let’s get to work.

Who even are we?

Nancy is an artist and visual designer who enjoys pretty graphs, intriguing storytelling, and, above all else, the systematic destruction of nonsensical, foundationless opinions that are lifted up as facts. In her free time, she fends off existential crises by basking in Los Angeles sunsets and watching old Star Trek episodes.

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Matt is a machine learning expert and engineering extraordinaire with a Masters in Economics from the University of Washington. In his free time, he enjoys combining his love of mathematics and the outdoors by calculating the vertical drops of various mountains all over the world.

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